Online Workshops – Ceramics by Jas

Online Workshops

Welcome to my online Pottery Classes!

Learn how to make pottery from the comfort of your own home!
Detailed step-by-step hand-building tutorials for some unique & beautiful forms for all skill levels.



1. Hand-built Puffy Mug

In this class, I’ll teach you how to hand-build this round bellied mug with puffy edges. This class is for all skill levels, however having some basic understanding of your clay & its properties would be helpful.

What’s included in the class:

  • A detailed video explaining each & every step for hand building this mug form
  • An alternate way of making this form- Adapting your existing mug templates to make similar form
  • Discussion on drying & finishing your piece along with glazing options
  • Downloadable templates- You get 2 templates with this class
  • Lifetime access to the tutorial 

At the end of this class, you would have 2 beautiful mugs and would have learnt some amazing tips & tricks that you can use for your other pottery projects.

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