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It is said that clay has memory and is temperamental. However, with some patience and love, you can mold the same clay into beautiful forms giving it both art and functionality. I draw my inspiration from this very fact- where I try to create pottery as a functional piece of art- a form of beauty and elegance which you can see, touch, hold, use and enjoy every single day.

I absolutely love working with colours and textures- as is apparent from my work. There are pieces which have a romantic vintage vibe to them, while there are others which remind me of the Mediterranean with its blue hues and some which are reminiscent of the glorious English country life. 

Functional pottery is such an integral part of our lives, wherein every single piece carries an untold story of an ordinarily beautiful life, a warm welcoming home and the inviting, vibrant culture, of the people to which it belongs.

To travel is to live..

Clay and magic..

Being able to bring my imagination and creativity to life in a ceramic form is truly a blessing! Creating every piece with my own hands with a boundless intent and gratitude towards this art, makes it an absolutely exhilarating experience.

Every piece crafted by hand has its own story, its own inspiration and an imprint of the maker's hands. The time, thought and patience behind each handmade piece is what makes it truly unique.

Handmade Ceramics by Jas