Jovy X Jas Ceramic Paint Palette Collection – Ceramics by Jas

Jovy X Jas Ceramic Paint Palette Collection

About the Collection and the Collaboration

A unique collection of handmade ceramic palettes made with an exquisite white porcelain clay with plants and birds motifs, perfect for all your watercolor painting needs.

This handmade ceramic palette collection is a collaboration between ceramic artist, Jaspreet and watercolor artist and author, Jovy Merryl. The meeting of two artistic minds has resulted in the creation of these unique and beautiful palettes  which are not just a collector’s dream but are also functional. 

The design, created by Jaspreet, is inspired by Jovy’s paintings where she captures nature and its elements in a mesmerising blend of colours and strokes. While the functional aspects of the palettes have been incorporated based on Jovy Merryl’s vast experience in painting with watercolors.

The collection is made of porcelain clay with a natural white color which has been fired twice with maximum temperature reaching 1200 celsius. The final layer of transparent glaze ensures that the surface is waterproof (it is in fact food safe) and perfect for you to mix and blend your colors to create your own masterpiece.

• Each palette is crafted by hand and is one-of-a- kind

• It has its own personality, variability and perfect imperfections

• Designed and made in Singapore

To know more about ceramic palettes and watercolor painting, read Jovy's blog here.


About Jovy Merryl

Jovy Merryl is a watercolor artist, teacher, author and the founder of Aquarryl Studio, Singapore.

Jovy's love and passion for watercolors has blossomed into a fruitful career in art.

She is also an ambassador of Nevskaya Palitra and one of the firsts in Asia to become a Certified Silver Brush Educator. 

In the past, she has collaborated with prominent art brand’s like Legion, Hahnemuhle Global, Escoda, M.Graham and QoR, to name a few. 

Do check out her instagram for a wealth of watercolor paintings and tips & tricks on mastering watercolors!