My clay journey: How I started and why I am still here.. – Ceramics by Jas

My clay journey: How I started and why I am still here..

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I always wanted to journal my thoughts and document my clay journey. But I always managed to find excuses for not doing so. Sometimes it was the fear of judgment, and other times it was the busyness of life, with other things taking priority over journaling. But this time around, I'm determined to make a change. I want to share glimpses of my process, my inspirations, my successes, and even my failures, in the hope that it might inspire someone who's on the sidelines, hesitant to take the plunge and experience this beautiful and fulfilling creative life.

How I started.. 

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My clay journey actually began on a whim. After quitting my corporate job, I was looking to start something of my own. It was purely by accident that I stumbled upon clay. This discovery led me down a rabbit hole of countless hours spent on YouTube, watching every hand-building tutorial I could find. Each person had their own unique approach, and I eagerly absorbed as much knowledge as I could. I must have spent hours upon hours watching those videos before I finally took action. But getting started wasn't easy. I had no clue where to begin or who to reach out to. Thus began my journey of trial and error, trying and failing, and then trying again until I eventually succeeded.

How has the journey been so far..

The best part about my clay journey is the incredible joy and fulfilment I feel at every stage of the creative process. Working with clay gives me a chance to express myself and explore my ideas and emotions. This beautiful tactile medium engages all your senses, making it truly exciting and grounding at the same time.

It's also all about growth and learning. Each new project brings fresh challenges and opportunities for improvement. With each piece I create, I refine my skills, discover new techniques, and find innovative ways to bring my artistic vision to life.

Also, the process of pottery-making nurtures a sense of mindfulness and presence. When I am focused on working with clay, time seems to disappear, and I enter a peaceful state of flow. It's like meditation, where I can fully immerse myself in the moment and clear my mind of distractions, finding a sense of calm and clarity.

Another amazing aspect is the connection I forge with every piece. Each piece becomes a milestone in my journey, capturing my skill & my craft in that moment and my progress over time. Seeing the finished pieces fills me with pride and a sense of accomplishment, reminding me of my humble beginnings, the progress I've made and the beauty I've brought into the world. 

Why I am still here…

Today, sharing my work with others brings me immense joy. When someone admires and appreciates the work and the effort behind a handmade piece, it creates a connection between the artist and their audence and a sense of belonging and kinship. Handmade pottery has the power to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and enrich the lives of those who experience it.
Seeing the impact my creations have on others is incredibly rewarding. It reaffirms my passion and motivates me to continue exploring the endless possibilities of clay.
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